PAC-MAN 256: Pac-Man + Crossy Roads = Endless Maze and Ghosts

Pac man sport hasbeen reinvented for cellular!
The brand new Pac-Man Pac-Man, sport 256, is just a mixture of the initial Pacman game plus rush and limitless component from Crossy Street game or game with style that is comparable.

Yes, you study it right, Pac Man 256 offering unlimited maze having a glitch that from the base of the labyrinth, therefore as you wont go out of pellet to consume and can go-anywhere you are able to, you’ve to become rush not to getting captured or caught in the glitch. The glitch alone is somekind of plan mistake that eating dinner out your Pac Man labyrinth panel.

Gameplay continues to be exactly the same using the unique with a few fresh components that are additional. Eat-all the pellet you discover through your work, consume additionally any cherries, or additional fruits that seem about the sport, steer clear of the spirits and just approach them if you have swallowed the ability pellet (large bright pellet) where the spirits are transforming dark-blue.

One components that are fresh is the fact that if you may constantly consume the producing and pellet combination of 256, a shock is likely to be directed at you.
Uncover new products by accumulating pellets that are enough to assist you through your work.

The overall game is easy and enjoyable to play. Should you survive the period of 90, you need to absolutely try this sport.

Take a look at under for that sport truck:

This sport provides in- purchases.
This sport could be performed / that was offline without access to the internet.

Present edition 1.0 demands Android 2.3.3 (GingerBread) or more.

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